SINCE 1998

Tecnología Dinámica en Implementos history (hereinafter TDI|PowerAttachments) was born in 1998 to respond to a growing demand from the national and international market for high quality attachments.

Quickly our equipment found his place thanks to its design, robustness and quality. 


The objective of TDI | PowerAttachments is to provide quality, reliable and high added value attachments to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and rental companys of construction and earthmoving machinery. Especially those dedicated to the skid steer loaders (SSL) and compact machinery. Our equipment is manufactured with high quality steels, as well as components of leading brands, giving them a robustness and reliability unrivaled in the sector, it's for that quality that our attachments are known. 


With a range of more than 30 different attachments and dozens of models available, TDI | PowerAttachments guarantees its customers the choice of the most suitable attachment for the job and for the carrier machine. 

The person in charge for the development and creation of this series of attachments is Mr. Daniel Lloret Ruiz, a professional with more than 50 years of experience in the field of earthmoving machinery and a pioneer in the design, manufacture and improvement of attachments for skid steer loaders.

In TDI|PowerAttachments We are aware that every day its necessary to use more specialized and specific attachments for each work to be done in sectors such as industry, construction, public works, road maintenance, recycling, agriculture and landscaping.

In TDI|PowerAttachments we are able to respond with quality attachments to all those needs, with specific equipment for each kind of work to do: whether these are excavation works for the installation of service lines (gas, electricity, water, optical fiber), cleaning and maintenance of roads and streets (street sweeping, asphalt and concrete milling, snow cleaning, repairs, patching, etc.), compaction, leveling, forest and parcels cleaning, handling and transport of different materials in the industry, recycling plants, scrap yards, etc.

We have a large equipments and materials in stock and to offer a quick response to the needs of our clients. TDI|PowerAttachments controls and supervises each of the steps in the manufacturing, from laser cutting to final delivery of the finished attachment. Applying a rigorous quality control to each equipment before leaving the factory.

In TDI|PowerAttachments we continued developing and improving our products, supported by our technical office, the use of the latest technologies in CAD/CAM design and the experience provided by Daniel Lloret.